Marquee Letters, Neons & Signs

Let’s be honest, there is nothing more effective or noticeable than custom sign display, and this is especially true when it comes to event signage. As you know, these signs can be urban and feminine or classy and bold at the same time but either way, it works wonders at any type of event.

Neon signs and laser lettering cut out installations can be arranged in infinite combinations; you may wish to spell out words related to the event, or construct interesting shapes and artistic pieces. It is being incorporated into various events, from corporate to kids parties so it’s time to get on board!

Here’s another tip to make your event shine! Set the mood by displaying these bright marquee letters and it definitely makes your event an unique one. It’s perfect to add that extra sparkle to corporate events, dinners or roadshows, these LED signs really get noticed.

With a background in event and props production, we appreciate the need to make big changes to spaces quickly and easily. We also understand the need to offer something creative and truly memorable to impress your guests and audience. We will work with you to deliver just that.

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